FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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We deserve better leadership.  It’s time to stand up, and fight back.”


LOS ANGELES – With just 50 days until Election Day, Kevin de León released a new video that tells a deeply personal story about his relationship to California: the people who live here, its landscape, and its history vilifying and scapegoating its own immigrant communities.  

The piece explores de León’s origin story: the forces and the woman who made him who he is today.  It also presents an alternate reality that puts Kevin and his mother at the center of a harrowing experience shared by thousands of children in America who have been torn from their families.

“I did not come here to be lazy,” says his mother, who worked her fingers to the bone cleaning opulent homes in San Diego. “I came here to make something of myself; to make a better future for you.”  Those words stuck with Kevin all his life, and influenced his drive to serve, from teaching citizenship preparation classes and through immigrant rights activism, to serving in the California Assembly and Senate.

To view “Our Time,” click here or on the clip below…

Senator de León spent the last ten years working in the California legislature. The first Latino Senate leader in over a century doubled down on lifting up hardworking families. Just last week, de Leon’s SB 100 became state law, committing California to 100% clean energy generation by 2045. Senator de León also authored and passed the first Sanctuary State law in the nation and the nation's strongest gun control laws.

Kevin de León doesn’t just resist the President – he passes policies that improve the quality of life for every single Californian, and he focuses on building the economy that will run strong for the generations to come.


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