FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 20, 2018

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LOS ANGELES – U.S. Senate candidate Kevin de León called on 26-year incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein to join him for at least three televised debates during a press conference Monday morning. The last time Senator Feinstein debated an opponent was 18 years ago. Earlier this year, Feinstein made a commitment to debating Senator de León in the general election. 

“On November 6, Californians from all corners of this massive and incredibly diverse state will elect their next U.S. Senator.” Kevin de León said.  “Voters may know Senator Feinstein’s name, but they don’t know her positions on the issues - so many of them, after all, have changed in recent months.  

“Make no mistake: a seat in the United States Senate is not an entitlement.  Here in California, we hold elections - not coronations. That’s why I’m calling on Senator Feinstein to join me for at least three televised debates between now and election-day."



Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo added, “For the first time this century, Californians who haven’t heard their voice represented in the U.S. Senate have a real choice. Kevin de León is among the most accomplished state legislators in the nation, and he could become the first Latino from California to sit in the U.S. Senate. Senator Feinstein’s refusal to debate an opponent in nearly two decades isn’t just disrespectful to her constituents; it’s detrimental to our democracy.” 

Elsie Taylor, IHSS Home Care Provider and SEIU 2015 member added, “Those of us who have to work two, or even three jobs just to pay the bills deserve as many chances as possible to be informed about this race. The televised debates Senator de León is calling for may be the only chance hardworking Californians have to learn what’s at stake, and make an informed choice on November 6. If Senator Feinstein truly wants to represent her constituents in Washington, she should take this opportunity to tell us how she would do it.” 

Elizabeth Oramas Diaz, student at UC Davis and Former President of the Davis College Democrats added, “This November, many Californians will be voting for the very first time; Californians who have not seen Senator Feinstein on a debate stage in their lifetime.  We demand representatives who – like Kevin de León – make themselves accessible to us as their constituents.”



“The U.S. Senate isn’t the House of Lords. Senators don’t inherit their seats along with a lofty title… Dianne Feinstein must have missed that memo.” Press-Democrat Editorial Board, “Feinstein Ducks Debates in Senate Race.” 10/5/2012.

“Feinstein’s campaign cites scheduling conflicts... That excuse rings hollow. Somehow other incumbent senators are finding the time to debate. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) met for the first debate with his Republican challenger on July 21. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) proposed five debates with his Democratic challenger.  LA Times Editorial Board “Why Political Debates Still Matter.” 7/28/2018.




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