FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 27, 2018

CONTACT: Jonathan Underland //

LOS ANGELES, CA – The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers across the state, is going all-in for U.S. Senate candidate Kevin de León.  After endorsing de León during the Primary, this week, California’s hardworking families re-endorsed Kevin for the General Election and rejected the incumbent senior Senator for the second time this year.  

“The California Labor Federation is pleased to endorse Kevin de León for U.S. Senate in the November General Election,” said Art Pulaski, executive secretary treasurer of the California Labor Federation. “At a time of an all-out assault on workers and workers’ rights from the White House and the Congress, we know we can count on Kevin de León to fight for good jobs, a $15 minimum wage, protecting immigrant workers and supporting the right to stand together in a union. We’ve seen Kevin in action. He has delivered in California and we know he will bring that same kind of fight to Washington DC.”

Last year, Senator de León was one of 12 state senators recognized by the California Labor Federation’s 2017 Force for Progress legislative scorecard, commending those in the state legislature who voted to support working people 100 percent of the time.

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of the California Labor Federation, comprised of millions of everyday working people across this great state who do extraordinary things,” de León said. “With the help of California’s working families, we will fight to refocus the priorities in Washington DC to align more closely with those here in California.”