When Kevin was elected to the L.A. City Council in 2020, he made a solemn promise to address the top pressing issue facing Council District 14 - homelessness - and he has steadfastly upheld that commitment. Together with the community, he tackled the homelessness epidemic, reducing homelessness in the district even while it increased by 11% citywide. His efforts to build more homeless housing and move people into housing have made CD14 the city’s #1 leader in fighting homelessness in Los Angeles.

● Built the most homeless housing out of any L.A. City Councilmember since he has been in office – over 2,000 units and beds.
● Has placed more people experiencing homelessness into housing than any other district in the city.


Recognizing the importance of community improvements that benefit families, Kevin spearheaded efforts to bring 2 new parks and 18 new state-of-the-art playgrounds to the district, ensuring that children and families have access to top-tier recreational facilities. Playgrounds that were once inaccessible to children with disabilities have been replaced with fully accessible one, ensuring that all our kids have a space to play and develop.

● Building 18 new playgrounds throughout CD14
● Constructing 2 brand NEW parks.


Kevin understands that clean communities make for healthy communities. That’s why he introduced and funded the CD14 Cleanup Team, composed of 24 local hires and a fleet of 9 new trucks, dedicated to supplementing city crews in maintaining the cleanliness in neighborhoods across the district. This pioneering program that removes illegal dumping and debris from our neighborhoods is the only one of its kind in the city, underscoring his commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the residents he serves.

● CD14 Clean Up Team composed of 9 dedicated trucks and 24 crew members to clean streets and remove illegal dumping in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Highland Park, and Eagle Rock.


In the face of state-level cuts to food programs for struggling families, Kevin prioritized funding for a food program that has provided essential sustenance to over 50,000 families throughout the district..

● Distributed fresh food and produce to more than 50,000 families across the district.


Kevin has always put communities and families above special interests. That’s why he is leading the effort to create the most progressive, pro-family community plans in the history of the city. These plans increase affordable housing, expand tenant protections, and guarantee affordable units in new developments, countering the adverse effects of gentrification.

● Building 18 new playgrounds throughout CD14
● Constructing 2 brand NEW parks.


As a father, and now a new grandfather, Kevin understands the challenges that working families face in a world of rising inflation and economic insecurity. The toughest challenge for many working families is childcare, particularly when schools are closed for the summer and holiday breaks. That’s why Kevin has dedicated discretionary funds to help subsidize city camp programs for working families that need quality care for their children.

● Provided over $500,000 to subsidize spring break, Thanksgiving, and holiday camps for kids in need at recreation centers in El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, Highland Park, and Boyle Heights.


As your councilmember, Kevin envisions a brighter future for the residents of CD14, with the promise of transformative changes on the horizon thanks to the unprecedented $145 million in outside grant funding he secured in his first term. Through this funding, residents can count on a future that offers:

  • The revitalization of more parks in our district
  • Reconstructing and improving streets and sidewalks
  • More public transit improvements projects in every CD14 neighborhood
  • The installation of thousands of new street and pedestrian lights
  • Planting thousands of new trees for beautification and increased shade