Immigration Reform


In California we celebrate our diversity because we know it is our greatest strength. We did not become leaders in the global economy by closing our borders and refusing to pursue progress. We did it by welcoming difference and recognizing that California is stronger because we live in a nation of immigrants.

President Trump’s views on immigration are backwards and dangerous. His policies have fueled the heartless deportation of innocent friends, neighbors, and family members,[1] while his vile rhetoric has encouraged the spread of racism across the country. Every day it seems like we wake up to a new story about ICE taking another innocent child from their home: used by this administration as a pawn to discourage undocumented immigration. 


Enough is enough.We cannot afford to let these cruel policies go unchecked while lives are being ruined. If elected, I will fight every day to end this inhumane practice. As the son of immigrants with many still in my family, I understand the need to take immediate and proactive steps to combat the cruelty of this administration.

That’s why I made it a priority in California, pushing comprehensive legislation to ensure we are a welcoming sanctuary state.[2] Empty threats from Jeff Sessions and this administration didn’t keep California from doing the right thing,[3] and they shouldn’t keep the Senate from doing so either. Our Democratic leaders need to stand up and defend DREAMers, prevent billions from being wasted on an ineffective border wall,[4] and work to put an end to mass-deportation.

California deserves a Senator that will take action on immigration now, not one that will be patient while people across our country are ripped from their homes. We need someone with a record of defending immigrants to stand up to President Trump and fight for California values. If elected, I will make it my mission to fight every day and ensure that we have a just and humane immigration system.  


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