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Kevin de León is running for mayor to take on our city’s biggest challenges, turn bold vision into real action, and move Los Angeles forward — together. Join the team today.
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A determined leader

Kevin de León was born in Downtown Los Angeles to a single, immigrant mother who worked her fingers to the bone to provide for her family. From a young age, Kevin experienced many of the struggles so many Angelenos face today: housing insecurity, living paycheck to paycheck, and even facing homelessness as a young adult. Despite these challenges, Kevin persisted.

He started out at the One Stop Immigration Center teaching English as a second language, helping immigrants like his mother realize their dreams of better opportunities for their children. Years later, he orgnanized one of the largest marches in California history against Prop 187, a measure that aimed to prevent undocumented immigrant kids from using public health services.

He later spent more than a decade representing Los Angeles in the California State Assembly and as the first Latino to lead the California Senate in over 100 years. Today, Kevin is serving Los Angeles once again as the City Councilmember representing the 14th District.

With a bold vision

Homelessness is the moral and humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, and Los Angeles is ground zero. Kevin’s City Council district currently has the largest population of unhoused people in all of Los Angeles City and more than Phoenix, Houston, and Chicago combined. In his time as a City Councilmember, Kevin has made progress, creating thousands of units of homeless housing and passing his plan to build 25,000 more. There is a lack of affordable housing, shelter beds, and services for unhoused individuals experiencing mental health issues and addiction. Los Angeles needs strong, experienced leadership capable of bringing all levels of government together around a set of clear and attainable goals.

Tackling homelessness and housing issues requires turning a bold vision into action, and Kevin is already focused on revamping the planning process to prioritize, accelerate and expand affordable housing throughout Los Angeles.

Ready for big action

As someone who spent the vast majority of his early life with the uncertainty of not knowing whether he’d have a roof over his head at night, Kevin de León has become a bold leader in combating homelessness. As a City Councilmember, Kevin fought to pass his “A Way Home” plan that proposes creating 25,000 new units of homeless housing by 2025. He believes Los Angeles can become a strong leader in addressing the nation’s homelessness crisis and create a model for others to follow.

Join us, and let’s move forward

Together, we can turn bold vision into big action, and build the future Los Angeles deserves.

Join us, and let’s move forward​

Together, we can turn bold vision into big action, and build the future Los Angeles deserves.