Cap and Trade

We just proved that we will not abandon the world when it comes to climate change.

Standing together as a State, groundbreaking Cap and Trade legislation was signed into law by the Governor.

This Cap and Trade deal was the culmination of long and difficult negotiations between the Governor, State Legislature, and a wide array of stakeholders across the environmental, business, labor and public health communities.


Working across party lines, this bill proves how all Californians understand the urgency in tackling climate change. With Donald Trump backing out of the Paris climate agreement, California will show we are always “ready to take the lead until there are more responsible adults in the White House."

By moving forward boldly like we did today, California has affirmed its place as America’s cutting-edge leader and secured a greater victory for global climate progress.

Stand with us: Sign if you agree we will uphold our responsibility to protect public health and preserve a livable environment even when D.C. won't.

Will you sign?

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