100 Days Resistance

100 Days of Resistance

Donald Trump has just marked 100 days in office. 

Here in California, we’ve told the world how we felt about it.  To commemorate the 100 days of a Trump Administration, we thought it would be appropriate to document the first 100 days of resistance with #KDL100Days.


Donald Trump has just marked 100 days in office, and over the course of year, he made his agenda abundantly clear. He promised to Make America Great Again for the lives of Americans, but instead, he has divided our nation. This administration has caused chaos and produced destructive policies unlike we’ve seen from our White House, all at the expense of American families. If you recall – here are a few of his promises: 

Mexico is paying for the wall

Hillary is going to jail

Muslim ban

Repeal Obamacare

Not take Vacations

Here in California, we’ve told the world how we felt about it.  To commemorate the 100 days of a Trump Administration, we thought it would be appropriate to document the first 100 days of resistance with #KDL100Days.

California is becoming a beacon for progressive states in our country looking for hope as we enter the Trump era in America – an era that promises to be the most regressive in generations.

When Trump was elected, I had never felt prouder to be Californian. The day after the November 8th election, here is what we had to say about it:

Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election 

Resistance Bear 

This statement was a tribute to our values, and through the next 100 days, our actions would prove who we were. We firmly cemented California as the Head Quarters of the Resistance:

New York Times: California Looks to Lead the Trump Resistance

The Economist: California steaming, Democrats are learning to invoke states’ rights

POLITICO: Trump opposition sets up blue-state headquarters  


January 21 - The first day of the Resistance, we marched with and for our women.


As Trump came to power, we were prepared to double down in defense of California’s values. For added legal firepower and advice against the Federal administration, the Legislature hired former United States Attorney General Eric Holder and his firm of Covington & Burling. 




February 1 – In one of his first misguided abuses of the Constitution, the President issued an Executive order to ban immigrants, including refugees. 



February 2 – ICE executed mass raids across Southern California in an abnormally private process inciting chaos. We didn’t take it lightly and again, the nation took notice: 



 February 6The first time President Trump personally threatened California, it was for the Golden State being “out of control” on immigrants. This is was our response:


February 23rdIn February, I introduced the California Values Act (SB 54) to ensure state and local resources – our personnel and tax dollars – are not used to help fuel ICE’s deportation machine. It made waves across the country:


HBO’s VICE featured a special report on the Democratic effort to make California the country’s first sanctuary state.


 KQED: California State Senate Leader Kevin de León Sharpens his Focus in the Trump Era 

February 23 - Trump’s pick of the profoundly unfit Scott Pruitt – an unapologetic career mouthpiece of the fossil-fuel industry -- as head of our nation’s Environmental Protection Agency, was a dark and ominous day for America’s commitment to clean air, clear water, children’s health, states’ rights, science-based solutions – and the national economy that depends on them.

This was our answer: #PRESERVECA

Senate Leader unveils Preserve California: Environmental Defense Act, Public Lands and Whistleblower Protections



New California bill would accelerate the transition to 100 percent renewable electricity

February 25 – We’ve worked with the community to inform immigrant families with a “Know Your Rights” forum alongside Los Angeles’ Sheriff McDonnell.




March 13 – In what would be another broken promise by the President, House Republicans worked to repeal Obamacare. We called on Congress to reject ACA repeal without adequate replacement.

“The California State Senate affirms its strong support for the ACA and urges Congress not vote on any measure that would jeopardize the health of millions of Americans by pushing through irresponsible policy in late-night hearings, but instead allow for a comprehensive public review of any replacement measure so that the public can have an opportunity for input and have their concerns heard.”

March 15 - Our mission to keep families together and keep the Golden State’s diversity vibrant hasn’t been easy in an age of alternative facts, but we’ve worked hard to set the record straight:

Sacramento Bee: Kevin de León fights Trump – and your misconceptions – about immigration in California 


CNN: Party rivals spar over Trump immigration policy



April 5 – While Trump has failed to pass any meaningful legislation, we’ve managed to invest $52 billion to fix the roads of the State home to the world’s sixth largest economy:


Capitol Public Radio: Calif. Legislature Passes Transportation Funding Bill

 April 10 – SB 54 was passed by the State Senate and the momentum for a historic feat is on the side of Californian Values:



April 22 – Earth Day is a big deal around this office – as it should be. The need for Earth Day has never been more urgent than it is today. Our climate is changing more rapidly than expected, the federal government is the captive of special interests, and the institution of science is under attack.

While Trump threatens to roll us back, California moves forward #ActonClimate



WATCH 1:43:40

Humanity's finest moments have come in response to our darkest hours. Across the nation and the world – nowhere more so than California – brilliant scientists, engineers, policymakers and average citizens are mobilizing to build a clean energy future. No amount of denial or deception can halt our progress. We proved that with the opening of Los Angeles State Historic Park.

LA Times: Los Angeles State Historic Park bridges past and present at grand opening celebration 




May 1 - This week was May Day and again, we marched to resist. We resist words and policies that are divisive and oppressive, and go against every value Californian's hold dear.

KDL100_MayDayMacarthur.jpg KDL100_MayDayFlags.jpg


 In his First 100 Days, he promised to put America First, what he’s done is demonize our immigrants, punished refugees, and instead of draining the swamp, he has packed his Administration with corporate alligators.

If this era marks anything, history will show it as the birth of the Resistance. I am proud to represent you through it. You’ve marched, you’ve called, you’ve shown up at town halls, you are showing this Administration who we are.

In California we celebrate in diversity, we don’t ban it, we don’t deport it, we don’t wall it off. We will continue to be the Golden exception and we will never stand down. I am committed to fighting for our California values, but I can’t move forward alone. I’m counting on you to stand right there with me so together, we can take our country back.

Can you help and be a part of the California Resistance?

Thank you, 



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